TWMaps ES53


Update time: UTC 00:00. Maps are already zoomed in for better view and entrance requirements are lowered. Let me know if you want to include any tribe families.

Today we have something special. Starting with this world, we are having 3 new maps, marked with NEW!. Those are TOP 15 ODD (defense players), TOP 15 ODS (support players), Top 5 ODA (attack tribes). Feedback is always welcomed! Enjoy!

Tribe K Dominance

Top 15 Tribes

NEW! Top 5 Tribes ODA (attack)

Top 15 ODA (attack)

NEW! Top 15 ODD (defense)

NEW! Top 15 ODS (support)

Top 15 Players

Top nobling tribes in last 24h

Player K Dominance

Fastest noblers/day

Average points/player



Soldado con Espada
Como se vería el mapa con el sistema de manchas?
Sobre todo considerando que las tribus que no se consideran en este mapa no se ve cuanto espacio ocupan.